2018 Midterm Elections

The Fight for the House & Senate

Why You Should Focus on Independents

I don’t trust anyone who tells me they already know the makeup of the midterm electorate. We can’t possibly know who will vote in the fall, let alone how they will cast their ballots. If I were going to focus on a handful of variables to understand how the cycle is...

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Rothenberg’s Dangerous Dozen Open House Seats

Yes, it’s time for another of my “dangerous dozen open House seats” columns, which I have been writing since shortly after the establishment of the Jamestown Settlement (or so it seems). This cycle’s version has a plethora of seats to choose from, given the 38...

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Famous Names on the Ballot? Sure, We Got ’Em

Every election cycle, at least a few “semi-celebrities” (or those with connections to semi-celebrities) run for office. This cycle is no exception. Actress Cynthia Nixon of “Sex in the City” fame is running for the Democratic nomination for governor of New York, while...

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GOP Senate Targets Fade From View

When this election cycle began, handicappers repeatedly pointed out that 10 Democratic Senate incumbents from states carried by Donald Trump would be on the ballot in 2018. That count was accurate, and the point behind it obvious — Republicans had a long list of...

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